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6 Steps to living

well with hearing loss

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6 Steps to Living Well With Hearing Loss



The incidence of hearing loss increases as we get older. Over 50% of the population aged between 60 and 70 have a hearing loss. This increases to more than 70% of those over the age of 70 and 80% over the age of 80.


No wonder so many people believe that hearing loss is inevitable as you age!

What are the facts about causes of hearing loss as we age?

The reasons why we develop hearing loss as we age?


Find out the 6 vital steps you can take to control the way you hear as you age.

Nolene Nielson

"I believe people who take responsibility for their own health live a more fulfilled and satisfying life"


Author & Audiologist, Nolene Nielson

Hearing Care Professionals


Nolene Nielson is a highly qualified and experience Audiologist. She has over three decades of clinical experience in many aspects of Audiology, but specializes in the area of hearing rehabilitation for those with hearing loss, tinnitus and sound tolerance issues. 


Over the years Nolene Nielson has given new life to thousands of clients through her work. 

Take steps to your good hearing health today

You are not alone if you need help to develop a plan to change your life, that is what I do every day as an audiologist!


I help my clients to live the best life they can by discovering as much as possible about who they are, their hearing and their lifestyle needs and help them apply their chosen strategy to their lives.


It's time we took a whole of life span approach to preventing hearing loss. You can take control of the way you age because hearing loss is not a predetermining factor of ageing, it is a health aspect you can preserve, maintain and enhance


Learn the 6 vital steps you can take to control the way you hear as you age.

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